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everyone has their own methods and rituals when it comes to
proper break-in... i've actually seen this article where this guy believes
in riding the bike VERY HARD to break your bike in - To Each His Own.
for me, i kept my rpms about 5000 to 5500, shifted through all the gears constantly
and never stayed in one particular gear at the same speed for a
long period of time.

after you reach 600 miles and you service your bike...

(do it yourself,
you'll know its been serviced,
because you did it and your bike will love you for it.
plus its cheaper and you'll be more confident in your riding,
don't ask me how, but you will)

in the majority of the gears, make sure you get the rpms as
high as you high as you can... around 10000 is good.
your bike is made to get the rrrrr's that high- don't be scared
but don't be stupid either.
for me i've reached
1st - 10000
2nd - 9000
the rest between 7500-8000
i am definitely not a speeder, nor do i believe in riding like this
all the time.
the best analogy i can give you would be like
letting my black lab never run full throttle and free at the dog park
and confining it to a very small back yard throughout its puppy years.
now i just cruise and pace baby pace.


ride smart/be safe insane

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As long as you're not going cross country at a constant speed in 6th gear you should be ok. Most riding conditions force you to change speed and rpm's. For the first 600 miles I would definately try to vary rpm's in ALL the gears. I know there are different philosophies- ride 'em hard, or go by the manufacturer's recommendations. I went by the manufacturer's recommendations in the manual. Now I have 1695 miles and I'm relaxing a bit more without too much mind on the rpm's. The manual for the SV650S states:

less than 5000 rpms for the first 500 miles, then
less then 7500 rpms from 500-1000 miles, then
less than 10500 rpms (basically almost red line)

So far so good for me.

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911TurboS said:
When the manual says vary the RPMs- what is the longest I want to be at max RPM(5500)?  I am trying to get some miles on my bike and riding on the highway.

rings are designed to spin in piston groves; if you keep RPM constant it will cut spirals in bores. It will cause more harm then keeping RPM above 5500.
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