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Questions about rear sprocket swap

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1. whats the torque on the bolts holding the sprocket to the hub?
2. would appreciate any hints or tips for a first timer, this is my first time even removing a wheel from a motorcycle!! :eek:
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The 03 SV1k repair manual says to torque to 43.5 ft/lbs.

I would tighten them in a star pattern until they're snug. Torque them all about half the listed torque (20ft/lbs or so) and then go back and torque them to spec. Take your time and double check that you tighten/put back anything you take off. It's your butt on the line, that's why I'm the one that does all the work on my bike. Make sure the rear wheel is straight, and that the chain adjusters are locked and the wheel didn't move once you torque down the axle nut. I would reccomend dealing with the sprocket bolts with the cush drive inserted in the wheel. (make sure rubber pieces in backside of cush drive are in correctly before inserting back into the wheel)It's much easier to handle if the wheel is doing the holding for you. Also it might assist you to find a couple of pieces of wood to shove under the tire to help line the axle with the swingarm and the wheel during re-assembly. I always clean and re grease the axle before putting it back together. If you have a rear bike stand it will be much easier to see if everything lines up and works properly since you can spin the tire, check chain, etc.

Look around this place, I was able to download a manual in pdf format. It's a must have for do it yourselfers.
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The spec'd torque is too high for those bolts. 30ish works fine.
I thought so myself. On my Yamaha it felt like I was going to shear the studs with the specified torque.
If possible get a friend to help. Rear wheel install can be a bear! Juggling wheel, brakes, and spacers can be fun.

Without the extra hands, I lift the wheel and spacers - lining up the brake, brace the wheel with my thigh/left hand, and thread the axle through. I also typically drop the left side spacer a couple of times and have to try again!

Track stand is a +1 on this evolution.

The nut on the axle is listed at 47 ft-lbs. The sv650 sprocket nut torque is 43.5 ft-lbs also.

Oh yeah, loosen the sprocket nuts on the bike. Don't lay the wheel on the disc or the sprocket. Two 2x4 pieces can be used to lay the wheel on flat and keep it off the disc.

Clean disc with brake cleaner prior to re-install.
Great advice about not laying the wheel on the sprocket or brake disc. I have a great tire changing stand my buddy made me with a 14" car wheel and I always sit the wheel on that when working on my bike wheels.
One thing I forgot, I usually spread the rear pads to get the rear disc back in. If you do this, pump the rear brake up before riding or you will be suprized!
awesome, thats just the kind of advice i was looking for. thank you guys
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