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Jon Mueller said:
Will a 05 650 S OEM windscreen fit in a 03 SV 650S?
argh, where's the thread you want when search sucks...

SOmeone on here did it. It doesn't fit perfectly - the sideplates / headlamp brackets /watchamacallits aren't quite the same.

I bet the newer sideplates fit though - to make it perfect you'd have to get them too.

The answer is in the forum for sure. G'luck!

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I looked into it for my '04 Naked. Suzuki did not make it easy as you have to change all the brackets that hold the head light on, including the brackets that go around the fork tubes. This means you have to drop the front forks as well. I kind of lost interest when I saw what was involved and the expense. It is basically a 'styling' piece which will deflect a minimal amount of air. I do like the mini fairing as it does integrate nicely into the bike.

I just reread your post and I see you are talking about the 'S' wind screen and not the mini fairing on the '05 naked. I am pretty sure the 'S' fairing is identical between an 03 & a 05 model so it should be no problem.
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