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There will be no problem doing a black wheel silver. It should be sand blasted before its coated so the black paint will be removed. The powder coating should be just as durable if not more than the stock finish.
I get mine done up here (canada) for $90 for the pair.

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How well would it match to powdercoat a front black wheel to silver to match an existing rear silver wheel? Is the powdercoating as durable as the stock finish?
Also, what's the going rate for something like that?
Matching an existing silver would be tough, especially if it's not right in front of you, but you could get close.

There are a ton of different silvers - levels and size of metallic and lighter or darker overall shades.

The only real color that "matches" is black - but there are many different gloss levels of that too...

The stock wheels may or may not be powder coated from the factory. A properly prepped powder coated wheel will be as durable as stock - possibly better.

A "standard" price for a motorcycle wheel is about $75 for a single-stage powder. A silver (or any metallic for that matter) requires a clearcoat for durability, which generally adds 50% to the price. That covers the extra time for shooting/curing the second coat and cost of the powder.

The best way is to strip the existing coating (whatever it is) by media blasting, then conversion coat the bare aluminum before coating. Most of the time, but not always, that (stripping) will be included in the "standard" cost.

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