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What you haven't rigged up your bike with a smoke screen, flamethrower or... better yet.... some Caltrops? The hollow variety work well against self sealing tires too

I just keep a little space in front of me... and keep an eye on [email protected] approaching... just incase someone is trying to tie their shoe and drive at the same time as they talk on their cell phone, drink a coffee, eat lunch and apply makeup at the same time.... but [email protected] do that bumper hugging thing even in cars around here... so it is to be expected...keep an eye out and prepare to move...

Yeah like others mentioned... for the most part any old cover is going to work... as long as it breathes and keeps the dust and rain off...

the reason you want it to have some venting is so moisture doesn't build up inside and cause mildew or something to start... granted it'd have to be on a while for that to happen..

just get one that has some gromets you can bungee or cable together under the bike... it keeps the thing from blowing off... or people from stealing it..

motosliders are good.... sure some others may work.. but they are good quality and the number of people who crash with them and had good results proves their worth.... I wouldn't risk the cheapies... it'll cost you more in the long run just to save an extra 10 or 20 bucks now....

the swingarm sliders .... well... if you have not got spools on the swingarm yet... go for it... otherwise... any spool is going to work for the most part.. perhaps the motoslider swingarm sliders may save the nut on the back wheel.... but generally there is so much in the way of other bike parts to hit before they would touch down.... so I don't think they are as much use as the main frame sliders... the swing arm sliders would have to stick out a long way to protect anything but I guess they are better than nothing... and they give you a spot for your rear stand

I just use the spools that came with my rear stand and it is good enough... but it is up to you on that one

I am headin out today since the weather has opened up and going to do a few errands. My question is if at a stoplight some A-hole gets right up on you, how do you veterans deal with it?

While I am out I am going to go check out some bike covers any recommendations? I barely can fit my bike in my shop so I think I will have to keep it under my porch until this summer when I can expand my shop to accommodate my bike.

I am also going to buy some frame sliders, and I think buying the ones from seem to be the best from what I have read here. My noob question is these are the correct ones for my 2006 naked SV and the swingarm sliders are they worth gettin too?


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I really don't care too much how close the car is behind me, as long as it stops before punting me.

Motosliders: Yes
Swingarm Spools/Sliders: Yes

A thing to consider though is if they are only a couple feet from you, what happens if someone hits them from behind... or if their foot slips off the clutch or brake... a couple feet is going to mean you are part of their hood... when I am in my car I stop back enough I could get around them without backing up... usually if I can just barely see their rear tire over my hood it is good and not too far back...

Once the lineup has stopped and there are a few cars stopped behind me I am a little less worried... but till then I keep watching them

dildos in the SUVs are the worst for that.... they can't gauge the distance because their engine is so long and they are so far up... they are the worst for riding my ass in traffic...

another thing I do when people are comming up behind me is flash my brake... randomly... so they hopefully don't think I am just the car in front's 3rd brake light.... people don't see things unless you break things up a little... like approaching intersections flashing the light helps too... not always but it seems to keep as many from trying to turn in front of me.. providing they can see my lane...

if you see someone in s turnlane going your direction... keep in mind there could be an oncomming car doing the same thing... not everyone checks to see of all lanes are clear before pulling out.... I learned that one the hard way when a wanker decided not to look and pulled left in front of me just because the guy in the inside lane was turning....

these days there are more idiots on the road so you have to be more careful than ever before...
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