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PSA: Cheap additional portable Alarm-System for Motorcycle etc.

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I just thought I'd mention a cheap little additional Alarm I use on my SV when parked up for shopping etc. As we know if thieves want the bike they can usually get it but anything to delay or put them off may help.

I keep one of these or similar in a pocket in my Motorcycle jacket

Battery Powered Portable Alarm eBay USA

Battery Powered Portable Alarm eBay UK

15 Beer tokens-ish.

I glued some small round strong magnets to the bottom ( x4).

Rare Earth Magnets eBay

When parked up I just stick it on the left hand side under the tank ( There'a nice small void area there ). I keep small sliver of cardboard bent up the end under the batteries in the unit as they don't have an on-off switch so the batteries will drain. I just move this bit of cardboard between one of the Battery contacts to stop this :)

I also use a Disc lock on my Rear Disc with a reminder coil that goes across my seat so I can't forget it :)

HTH :)
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I would hate to have my motorcycle stolen. Do motorcycle thieves steal SV's? Don't they discriminate and want to steal something of more value like an Aprilia, Ducati, MV Agusta, brand new GSXR or R1?
It would break my heart if my gen 2 sv650 got stolen.

I read that if your bike is customized it is less likely to get stolen. If it looks stock it is more likely to get stolen. The reasoning behind this is because if its stock, they are able to resell the bike, and get their money, whereas if it is a customized motorcycle, it is harder to sell and it is easier to spot as a stolen motorcycle. Just a thought.
@Flash Yellow , the key is to make your bike as inconvenient as possible to just grab. If they’re targeting your bike, nothing you can do will stop them. But I’m sure the SV is pretty low on their their priority list.

Anyone know about this SizzApp?
the "problem" with airtags is actually part design, part safety.
The tracking relies only on iPhones so if Slippin' Jimmy hate fruit? you're SOL.
Secondly as an anti-stalking feature if an iPhone detects an air-tag hugging your person for too long it'll notify you that someone knows where you are, this could lead to the thief stopping and just tossing your safeguard. It's unfortunate because otherwise they are fantastic little systems, cheap relatively.
What’s a Slippin’ Jimmy?
1 - 3 of 13 Posts