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Projector kits are now in stock and ready to ship!.

Compatible with Gen1 and Gen2 stock sv650 naked 7" Inch headlight

Each projector kit will include everything that you need and will consist of the following:

1 Mini bixenon projector (low beam and high beam)
1 slim water proof ballast
1 35w hid bulb in 4300K (pure white) 6000K (blueish white) 8000K(blue)
1 complete motorcycle harness, including an H4 plug, so no need to cut off your OEM plug. This kit is pretty much plug and play.
1 halo/angel eye inverter
1 White Halo/angel eye (blue and red also avialable for additional $10 and special order 1-2 weeks lead time.

As with all my kits I will offer a 1 year personal warranty, against diffects or mulfunctions, and i will personally exchange deffective items. you do not need to deal with the manufacturer.

Cost: $125 / complete kit SHIPPED.

Additional bulbs $15 each. (Highly recommended!)

I can also install this projector in your headlight for an additional $75 including shipping back to you.

Also I am offering a headlight loaner service, together with my installation service. so if you want me to install this kit into your headlight but dont want to be without a bike during the install time, I can send you out a replacement stock headlight for you to use while i work on your headlight.

once you receive the new HID headlight, simply send my headlight back.

Cost: $40 including shipping to you. (+$50 refundable security deposit).

My paypal to order is [email protected]
When sending paypal payments make sure to include in the notes the Hid bulb color (4300K, 6000K or 8000K) and the color of the Halo.

Kits can now be ordered directly though the website.

Use coupon: svrider20 for special svrider pricing

The site features This SV650n projector kit, as well as my custom Sonic headlights and Plug and Play SV650S projector kits.

As always, free shipping!

General installation instructions:

1. Remove headlight from bike
2. remove bucket from headlight, remove bezel from headlight
3. bake headlight in the oven for 5-8 minutes at 200 degrees,(put a towel under headlight so it doesnt melt to the pan!); once the glue softens up, use flat head screw drivers to remove lens from headlight; you might need to repeat this a few times untill the lens is off. ( be gentle and work your way around the headlight, open it up little by little all around ).

4. Insert H4 adapter plate from the back
5. Drill 3 holes through the holes of the adapter plate using a 5/64" drill bit and secure the plate with 3, 4x1/2 sheet metal screws (screws included with kit!)
6. Drill a hole for the halo and hi/low beam controller wires from the back using 1/4" drill bit

7. cut controller and halo wires, fish them though hole, then put wires back together.
8. remove hid bulb from projector and remove the nut.
9. Insert projector into the adapter plate, and slightly tighten the nut, reinsert HID bulb and tighten the tiny holding screw.

10. Now you need to level the projector; install the open headlight on the bike, connect the harness to battery positive, and any bolt on the frame for ground,
11. Plug the ballast into hib bulb and harness, plug in the H4 plug into the bike; level the bike and turn on the headlight. you need to shine the light on a flat wall.
12. Turn the projector untill the light cutoff is completely horizontal.
13. once projector is leveled, tighten rear nut. (USE LOCKTITE!!!)
14. remove headlight from bike
15. clean headlight and lens from fingerprints and dust
16. put back in oven at 200 degrees for 5 minutes
17. put the lens back on, and continue assembling headlight
18. put headlight back onto the bike and continue onto the wiring.

19. locate a good spot for the ballast and wiring. I recommend to lift the gas tank, and stuff everything in front of the airbox next to the intake snorkel, then use the frame openings in the front to run all wires to the headlight.
20. wire it up nice and neat and enjoy you new headlight!


Yup, I have done it.

I successfully retrofitted a Bixenon (High and Low beam projector) into a 1st and 2nd gen STOCK 7" inch round headlight :rock:

This will be a pretty much plug and play kit, with no major modification to the headlight nor the bikes wiring.

I will be selling this as a complete kit, so stay tuned.

This will work with Gen1 and Gen2 sv650 naked round 7" stock headlight

Here is the complete kit, labeled to help with any wiring fears or concerns.
this kit is almost plug and play, and even comes with an H4 plug, that plugs into your original bike socket.

Here you will need to secure the projector by screwing it in to the headlight assembly using 3 tiny screws in the 3 holes on the mounting plate.

The original dust cap fits perfectly!

Halo on.

Projector and Halo on.

Low Beam.
I was amazed by how much light this little projector produces!

High Beam


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Is this for the stock single headlight!? if so consider me, subscribed.

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Ever try one into an MT03 light?

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I haven't tried this yet, as I don't have access to a mt03 headlight.

If you have one available I would gladly try to fit a projector in it.
how much would it cost me?

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I'm jealous. Looks like it should be an even easier fit than the no-name Chinese projector (which might have been a KT-MT2) I tried to use, but didn't like the light output. What brand projector is that or is it a trade secret?
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