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Hello folks in the community, I bought a naked '06 SV650 yesterday, it seems in very good condition, please see the photo.
No problems etc with the bike I'm happy to say, I will probably mostly be mostly here reading your tips. I'm brand new here so please forgive not knowing the forum's etiquette / not being able to work some of the posting tools.

I've been riding for a decade, all kinds of things, old rubbish and very lightweight stuff / scooters mostly, I posted a list below in case anyone is interested. I'm an urban rider and my skill area is mostly about avoiding getting hit by anyone, though I have some favourite rural routes for early morning blasts.


I live on the South East edge of London, UK.

Previously owned in chronological order:

Yamaha SRV250 Renaissa
Honda NC30
Street Magic 50
Honda CBR250R
Yamaha XJ6 Diversion S
Yamaha Nmax 125
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