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Preload adjuster nut leaking oil from fork

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I recently noticed small amounts of fork oil leaking from the top of one of my fork tubes.

I made sure the nut itself was tight, and oil kept appearing.

I then noticed the oil was coming out around the top nut, the "preload adjuster nut". So I tightened it "hand tight". Today I still noticed a few specks of oil on my tank after riding to work.

Any ideas?
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I don't think the '02 forks had a preload adjuster cap so I'm assuming they may be from a 2nd gen. There is an o-ring (p/n 22) that seals the adjustment screw. That may be the problem.
Yup, '02s have preload adjusters. Bought a set of '02 caps for my '01 for that reason. Is it leaking around the adjuster itself, or the outer part of the cap? May need a new o-ring.
Thanks for the help. It was coming out around the top adjuster nut, not the actual cap nut itself.

I think after I tightened the adjuster nut down, it may have stopped leaking, but the residual oil still spattered out for a day or two.

I'll probably order a new o-ring when I do a fork oil change... now for a way to prop the bike up (**** you suzuki for not including a centerstand... heh)

Thanks again. It wasn't too clear from the parts fiche what all goes into the fork tube top nut.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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