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Hello all

I'm currently riding a 2006 DRZ400SM and recently sold off my 2005 DL650. I love my DRZ, but need something a little better for the street. It's light and nimble and a blast on small tracks. I'm an ex-motocrosser so the chassis just feels right to me.
I also have a set of 21/18" wheels for when I want to commit to a real off road ride.

My VStrom was a do-everything bike. Just not great at anything.

Unfortunately, that light and nimble DRZ isn't much for freeway cruising and 2 up isn't an option. I had no idea what route to go for my next (additional?) bike until a random encounter with a review of the SV650 naked on youtube piqued my interest. I'm not a Suzuki fanboi, but it just so happens they make the bikes that fit my interests and budget. So why not? I liked the 650 twin in my DL so it should be great in a smaller and lighter chassis.

I figure I'll hang out here for a while and learn about the bike while I wait for that deal I can't pass up. Most likely going for a Gen2.
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