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A few weeks ago, I had unfortunately lowsided my 2007 SV650s at the track. The bike was pretty beat up; mangled frame, broken kickstand, bent radiator/clip on. After replacing all the broken parts (this was my first time I had removed/replaced a subframe, which required me to disconnect/reconnect various connectors from the wiring harness), I realized I may have a problem.

When the bike is in gear, and the clutch disengaged, the bike makes a 'priming' sound which I haven't heard in the past. Another sound is heard when the clutch is engaged. This only happens when the bike is in gear.

Here's a video:

Also worth noting, my headlights were not working. After searching through this forum, I found that the usual cause is due to the headlight harness/connector, though my harness/connector appears to be fine. (I have HID's with relays installed where power is taken directly from the battery, the harness acts more like an on/off switch). I had temporarily connected the headlights to the running light wire in order to be street legal.

Any help/advice on what to do would be helpful.
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