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I'm posting this because in all my searching, I never found a solution to my particular problem. For my idling issue, I had tried re-jetting, soaking the carbs in cleaner, etc, until I had just about gone crazy from pulling the carbs so many times. I tried everything I'd found in searches, but nothing helped.

Finally, I pulled the vacuum hose for the fuel pump, and voila, it was wet with fuel. The diaphragm in the pump had been weeping, and allowing fuel to go through the vacuum line and directly into the rear intake. No wonder I couldn't get it to idle worth a darn.

It's a simple check. Prop the tank, and the hose is easily accessible on the right hand side of the bike. If you are having this same kind of issue, try this before going through the tedium of yanking the carbs. These bikes are getting older now, so I expect this to become a regular issue, if not already.

Hope this helps someone.

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