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Hi there,

hope someone can help me!!

I'm changing the classic rounded headlight of my sv1000k3 with a sharpen one.
I've already done the installation with no any problem, except the position light!
The old one doesn't have but the new one has it; the problem is that I'm not sure the wire I found is the right one. I found the main headlamp connector, the turn signals connectors and a connector with 5 wires (all seem to be black&white to me) that should be the position light as I understand reading two old topics, the only difference is that in those topics guys are talking about 2 wires (brown & black&white), and I have 5!!!

I don't want to make any damage, so, anyone can confirm is the position light? Can I just make a connection with two wires (of the 5 ones) and that's it? Or anyone can tell me where could I take out a connection fot this lil lamp?


p.d. I add the two post mentioned:
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