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So, I recently had to replace a couple items due to a theft, and have fallen in love with a new toy. It got me to thinking, and I'm curious what others have found as their go-to portable goodies for getting things done when mobile.

So, the rundown from smallest to largest for me, now that I don't have an iPad Mini anymore:

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Reader: Kindle Paperwhite
Portable computing/Tablet: Asus Chromebook Flip
Main computer/Laptop: Asus ROG GL752VW

I'm finding that the Chromebook, now that it can use the Play Store apps, is actually quite the little workhorse, it has a great keyboard, access to most of the desktop features of the Office 365 suite, great battery life and a very quick little workhorse as long as you remember to keep anything started elsewhere on the cloud. Now I have a nice speedy machine that's big and a little heavy for serious work, but can leave it at home and not be completely limited to iPad use. I found the iPad useful for entertainment, but very difficult to actually do work on.

So, any other road warriors out there that enjoy getting things done outside the office or home environment?

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When traveling:

Linux laptop (hp x360...I like it...all metal case, 6+ hours battery, AMD R7 graphics)
Moto 'droid phone
Micro USB hub/gigabit ethernet (handy for travel where cell/wifi not always available, e.g. secure conferences/labs, etc...plugs into the phone, tablet, or laptop to give wired ethernet, or can plug in USB drives, keyboard, mouse, etc.)
Cheap Atom-based quad core tablet w/magnetic keyboard, runs Linux

"Cloud" anything just annoys me. I wish somebody would just make a NAS that would easily host a personal email server, synchronized calendar, and integrate well with a smartphone to directly (to the NAS) push things like photos, etc. Basically, private "cloud" service.

The services are easy enough to host, but phones and tablets lack the proper software to make it a reality. I don't see why everything has to be centralized, this really brings me zero benefit, but exposes personal/private data to corporate entities. All one needs is an internet connection to access it worldwide.../rant

Otherwise, just the phone, mostly to read articles, get email, etc. Technology on some level just bores me.
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