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Please...someone tell me I shouldn't buy this bike.

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Okay...I'm not much of a track rider yet, but I've been trying to ride better, but mostly since my SV is still, despite my best efforts, my daily rider bike (and I have a lot of memories with her, I'd hate to see her broken) so I haven't had the heart to really risk her on track. But this bike just screams track bike. I've rebuilt suspension before and I figure it'll be probably double the cost of the bike to get her back to near stock condition, then sell the lights and all that extra stuff...instant track bike! I don't know...I need somebody to talk me out of this in a hurry or she will be mine! Mmmm...Ducati...
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It's slower than your SV and likely uglier. Don't do it.
dont do it!

let me just get the rest of his email wrote down :p
For the money you will spend fixing it you could buy an SV for the track. Maybe an older one setup for the track already.
Well as far as the ugly thing goes, I do think those are pretty bikes. I love the exposed trellis frame. I just think it looks cool. much as I hate to admit it, and trust me I hate to admit. I really hate to admit it...a lot... Speedisavirus has a point. Putting it back together and really getting it ready could well cost a lot more than a track prepped SV or even a nice older track prepped something else entirely.

Also I hate to admit it, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do that quote thing that everyone does. Curses!

Thanks for the advice already. I'm still tempted, but it's waning.
It's not that the Monster is's just that particular one is ugly. It's beat.
Oh well see I actually really kinda like scruffy bikes. It means they have history. I mean my SV right now looks pretty terrible. I already need to repaint it and my other bike...well aside from it being in pieces is a 93 tiny little nighthawk 250 (tried to make it my daily driver but it refuses to retain its spark plugs)...with drum front brakes. Oh yes...drums on the front AND back! Classy!
If you really want it go for it but you really need an entire front end to even get it ridable. Including the wheel and rotor. I mean, you could install a front end from something else if you find that all the spacing works out but either will still be slower than an SV650 that you could buy for equal money already ready for the track.

You might be able to get the fork tubes straightened but they look pretty bent. Might not be possible. Still leaves you needing to get the wheel straightened and all that. Just seems like a lot of work for the purpose you want it for.
grumble grumble...yeah. I know I shouldn't and it'll be way more of a pain to put it back together. *sigh* Alright. Thanks again. I think you did talk me out of it. I won't be adding to my collection of broken bikes.
I would think about buying it and flipping it for parts. $1300 ?
NO ! even if you were to get it new... you still would need a bunch of parts ....

its an unreliable V2 ...
Besides, it's the wrong color;D
As someone who's owned 3 Ducati Monsters let me give it to you straight. You do not want to buy that bike for a track bike. It's simply a poor allocation of resources. Ducati parts are expensive. For the money it'd take to get it on the track you could easily find a track prepped SV.

Plus, the SV is a better platform for track use.
Hmmm...alright...thanks for all the replies. I think you guys are all probably right. I shouldn't get it. Admittedly I still want to. I think I'll just keep an eye out for a track prepped bike.
YOU SHOULDN"T BUY THIS BIKE. see dude, you could have just asked someone at your house. easy enough. youre welcome;D
Looks like a fun project, but Monsters aren't the best track bikes IMO. The ground clearance isn't great, the top end isn't there, and the shape of the tank doesn't help for hanging off.

They make great street bikes, though!
Well never mind now. The guy just nearly doubled the price. Now he wants 1650 for it. I'm not even sure you could make money parting that out now. Monsters from that year are around 3500 in good shape.
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