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Hi! I just got an '03 SV 650. It has the lower fairings (also manufactured by Suzuki) added to it. I would like to put fairings on it. Ideally, I would not need to cut the fairing or take it off.


1) Which Motosliders should I order (No Cut Sliders?)
2) Can they be put on without cutting the fairing or having to take off the fairing?
3) Can any idiot (me) do this?

Please feel free to put LINKS with your answers. Thanks in advance!!! :) Bekah

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The lower fairing has to be removed as part of the install process to put on the sliders you need (No Cut)

But, no cutting!

The other sliders we offer for the SV require either cutting or permanent removal of a lower fairing on an 03-09.

Not too bad to intall.

Instructions here:

Testimonial that it's not difficult:
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