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As it started:

Chinese import CRF70 clone that stopped running for unknown reasons, got partially torn apart by my coworker who got it for free from his cousin, then gave up on it. He saw me looking at pit bikes on craigslist last week and told me I could have this jalopy for FREE! He11 why not, right?

Motor tear down:

The guy who gave it to me gave up on it because he couldn't get the head off of it. He didn't know it was an OHC engine and never took the cam sprocket off. He said it was his son that did it but they tried to pry it off with a screw driver and gouged up the mating surface pretty bad on the chain side.:facepalm: They even managed to put a gouge right in the fire ring seal area. double :facepalm: :facepalm: I was able to get the face resurfaced for free by my machinist though so all is well now. I didn't disassemble the bottom end because the crank spun smooth as butter and the trans shifted smoothly through all four gears. If I end up having to go that far, I'll just spend the whopping 200$ and put a new 125cc engine into it.

Suspension and crap that needed de-rusting and cleaned:

Wifey wirebrushed and painted all these:

Eagle One Nevrdull works wonders on surface rusted chrome:


Re-covered the seat and assembled/Installed the motor and wheels:

Just waiting on the bodywork, grips, tires and tubes, and a carburetor (showed up today). Pretty good for a bike I got for free. First attempts to fire it up will be tomorrow night. ;D
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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