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Pirelli Supercorsa compounds

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I bought my trackbike last year and it had Dragon Supercorsa pros on it. I'm looking to replace them and could have sworn I saw SC2 on the rear and SC1 on the front but now that's worn off I guess because I can't find it at all. Just curious what you guys run on here before I order a set.
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Just thinking out loud here, but, I'll try the Diablo sc2 this year. After riding a couple of the new Diablo sc1 fronts, i think like the old Dragon Supercorsa sc1 better. The new Diablo - its hard to describe - but feels a bit slow and not as responsive, but once its over it sticks well. I thought i felt it right away at pit speed, but it could be that **** wera required steering damper i'm not fond of. Its just in the that transition, gray area, i'm talking about...and Kris is probably right the carcass is a bit soft.
I ran a dragon supercorsa - sc1 blue - this past weekend and man i like it much better than the new diablo sc1. It felt more responsive and not a soft or flat.

On another note, Michelin has their new Power One available in a 160 rear out and a new V front that i'm hearing some good things about. I'm pretty sure contigency pays out the same so that's moot point.
i wonder whats different about your riding style that you prefer the old tire to the new one? thats interesting.

i am 100% opposite. i went faster with the new fronts.
You're fast, and i'm slow ;) The Diablo just feels heavier and more squishy/softer under hard braking. I'll try a green front next and see how that one responds. I do like the price on the dragons for sure.

I do like the Diablo rear, i put down a personal best at VIR w/ temps in the 60s - still have to drop a few seconds to catch the front runners - but i'm getting there. I can't say its all the tire, but i felt pretty confident on it. Maybe its something about the tread pattern and less sipes. I think its all psychological.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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