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PIAA 510's as Headlights on 02 SVS

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I am thinking of converting my 02 SVS into a naked...and I have an Idea for the headlights:

PIAA 510 Long-Range Driving Lights

Anyone have any sharp ideas on how to best mount them on my forks? I have been looking at some headlight mounting brackets, but I am afraid of the swivel joint on the light not giving me enough leeway to point the lights as high up as they need to be. I have looked at some aztec8 brackets, but they stick forward from the forks and that would not work due to the PIAA logo on the light needing to remain upright.

Still in the planning stage here, so any advice about such a conversion (gauges, etc...) is also welcome. (I have been scanning some old threads and have many ideas already...)


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auxillary lights are what they are, designed to be used as auxillary lighting

not a safe subsitute for primary lighting

good long range lighting leaves out something even more important, good close range lighting
Well, in that case, any ideas for a good dual headlight setup for a naked conversion?
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If you stay commited to the 510's, use one clear (driving light) and one ion crystal flood (fog light).

I took one of each from an old display in my shop to use on a streetfighter possibly. They obviously won't be legal, but could look cool. If you take off the covers then the light will be much more suitable as a "headlight", and less likely to attract legal attention.

Keep in mind that the lenses of the 510's must stay upright to give a proper light beam as PIAA has a specific pattern to those lenses. The ION crystal fog lights are amazing for wide spread as well as seem to "penetrate" dusk better than most actual "white" lights.

If you build a mount plate between the fork tubes the "stud" mount can tilt almost straight backwards and virtually disappear when viewed from the front as well.

Good Luck, let me know if you need any measurements off of a light.

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