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Peg Sliders for Woodcraft pegs, new from DZC

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Many of you will recall a thread I posted a while ago, about the woodcraft pegs..and how many people were running them. There was a reason for that...I was looking to see how much of a potential market there was for peg sliders.

This was that thread:

Well, I have come up with my own little version of these things, and right now, they are only for those with Woodcraft hollow pegs. They only stick out 15mm from the end of the peg, and are not larger in diameter than the peg itself, so they will not interfere with a rider's boot at all.

These will go for $12.50 shipped in ConUS, $14.50 if you want priority shipping.

here is a shot of what they look like...I may tweak this design a bit by dimpling the outside end a tad. Let me know who is interested and who wants a set.

As always, thanks for the support. DZ

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Any chance you could make these more like a half sphere? I am concerned with the extra length causing a ground contact issue. Also, I like to grap the edge of my pegs with the outer edge of my foot. The delrin will be slippery vs the allumimum.
Lastly, any discount for volume?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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