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this thread has always been a mainstay of this forum. to breathe some new life into it...
I'm offering 3 single use codes to for people in this thread
those who need something small $10 for free. if your thing is cheaper than $10 you can always use it for shipping too. Unfortunaly since I'm eating the cost, I'm capping at 3 for now.

so basically if you need something (especially something small!): use the code SVRPAYITFORWARD at checkout and get $10 off.

since my shopify site is dumb as a rock... if it's not working for some reason, or doing something stupid, feel free to pm me

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Hey All,

Have had these parts laying around for awhile and I didn't want to dump them. Hopefully they can find a new home somewhere. I can't say all the hardware (bolts/screws) will be included so I would assume nothing is included to install...though I will include whatever I have

My bike is a 2006 SV650S but some of these parts aren't from my bike =) They all sort fit on it though if that helps.

- Rear Seat Handle (Part#: 6211-16G00-13L).
It's Red but has some white plasti-dip on it.

- Rear Caliper (Part#: 69100-17G01-999)
Probably could use a cleaning and maybe new cylinders but works fine.

- Rear Foot Rest Assembly (Part#: 43600-17G20)

- Handlebar Risers
1141 - 1146 of 1146 Posts