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pat on the top of the head?

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hey all,

i took my sv out today to some twisties near my house. right as i was approaching the area where things really start to get interesting, i noticed quite a few riders patting the tops of their heads as they passed me. i am a new rider and this was only my second time out there so i pulled over, thought of what that could mean, looked over my bike, made sure my head lights were still working (i recently fixed them), etc.

everything looked okay with my bike and i was riding reasonably, but since people were trying to tell me something, i'm a new rider, and i didn't understand them, i turned back for the day.

looking around, the only thing i can find online is that this might have meant there was a police officer nearby. could it have meant anything else? i can't imagine what i could be overlooking about my riding, gear, or bike that other people might have been trying to warn me about, but i'd really like to be sure.

andrew davidoff
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Its means there is a cop around. Say thanks and return the favor down the road.
Yep,Bear in the bush.
It's mainly for cops but it basically means "use your head" or start paying more attention than usual, slow down, etc
Normally for a police warning I flash the high beam several times fast.
I believe they were signaling that they were happy to see you wearing your helmet that or they liked your choice in helmet graphics.

yeah i use it generally for telling people to slow down. officers, deer, cattle, debris, anything obnoxious that could ruin someones day
It's the Universal sign for.....

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It's the Universal sign for.....

I would pay good money to actually see that while i was going down the road... of course, when the zombie apocalypse comes, we done need a "boy who cried wolf" situation on our hands... ;D
were they also rubbing their stomachs?
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