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passing light switch on 1st gen

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Hi, I would like to install a left hand control with a passing light switch (like the 2nd gen.) Does anyone know if there is/was a Suzuki model with carbs that has a passing light? maybe an earlier SV1000, GSX or Bandit. I guess the simple thing would be to just add a switch to the high beam circuit, but I am getting tired of junky looking mods, (i have another bike for that)... I know the Ducati monsters w/ carbs had one, but it would be nice if it was Suzuki plug and play model (if that's even a possibility) On the other hand, if someone knows of a clean looking push button switch that would mount cleanly I am not 100% against a DIY...thanks
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you could always wire up a gsxr from just about any year and then move the choke someplace else.

sorry i don't have any ACTUAL help for you tho :)
Euro models had it
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