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Panavise 809 Camera Mount

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Yo guys, i just wanted to advertise for an awesome camera mount that i would def trust to slap on the side, top, anywhere of my bike

$23 shipped

you really cant beat it i mean if me crashing my bike with my camera mounted on my tank doesnt prove its solid than i dunno what does lol

you can see where it stayed (again too bad it wasnt recording lol)
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wow... that looks every interesting.
I've considered using this type of mount, conceived while putting my GPS mount on my car windshield. However, it was because of my GPS suction mount that discouraged me to use it. Occasionally, the GPS suction mount would randomly lose suction and drop onto the dash.

If the GPS mount falls, how would it perform against the elements (wind, vibration, gravity, bumps, etc).

But, like you said, it survived a drop, so why not the elements? Unfortunately, I wonder if having a Gen2 tank will affect the way it suctions...

How long have you had it?
Does it ever move out of position (re: angles) at high speeds or from other factors?

Good find. I'll have to consider.
i bought this cause everyone in my house did.

in fact, here is a video from a ride we recently did
all the cameras were using this mount.

top jvc camcorder shown in picture above
bottom left was a gopro camera
bottom right was a nikon camera

as you can see where the daytona on the bottom right has it hanging off near his wheel. this has been tested to....maybe 150mph....maybe..:p

in case that vid was too chaotic to watch lol
here is just one perspective of last sunday's ride

why not, post all my vids with it haha
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I'm looking for camera recommendations. What kind is the JVC you used? Looks like it has good video quality.
i have had my camera for a while so i know it is outdated

this is the type of camera i have i think

for motorcycle and other driving video (i do autocross) i record using a SD card. this camera's downfall is it can't use SDHC cards cause its outdated. so i am limited to a 4gb max card. which in ultra fine quality is 30mins. but normal quality (video above) is 2 hours. i would suggest it but getting a lil better model that can handle SDHC cards for mroe space.

the way it does videos is really easy to use. everytime you click the button it creates a new file. then you just plug it into usb and it becomes a removable harddrive where you just drag and drop everything. even came with an editor from cyberlink. which i also recommend.

with an SD card it creates two separate drives ex. G: and H:, G: being the hard drive, H: being the SD Card.

the other camera in the video is a gopro hero 3, i like that camera cause it comes ready for stuff like riding and other sport capturing stuff. but its quality is a little low and i feel its too fisheye viewed. but it comes with a sweet mount and is shock/waterproof.
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Thanx for the info. I've heard that the best camera is the SD or SDHC. I was looking at the GoPro also, but I heard the wide angle didn't look that great on video and that the camera burned through batteries quickly.
yea thats the problem is they use AA's, you have to buy rechargable ones and a charger for it to be worth it.
Thanks for the crash test... I ended up picking up one of these and Using my regular digi cam in video mode... I love it.
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