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So I guess I can put this up as I've finally committed and did some work.

This Bike started out as a 2011 LAMS SV650s (LAMS being the Australian power restriction scheme for newer riders, which I'm not)

First thing chopped was the stock exhaust, it had to go. This replaced it:

One problem, it was ******* LOUD.. so I made a baffle:

(no, that ain't oil under the bike)

It's still loud, to compare its as loud as a delvic 8".

Next mod was to do was get rid of the restrictions, ECU buying time, and man it took a while to find one but I luckily snatched one up from a member on here!! :eek:ccasion14:
Now it rev's freely, which is awesome as the bike was very lifeless to begin wth.

Getting handy with a Dremel:

This is something on the list to clean up more and paint.

Then this came in the mail:

Masked it up:

Now here's where I went wrong, in a stupid rush I mistakenly ended up picking up enamel gloss black.. two coats and it looks ok, but not the best, also not gonna clear it yet as I'm not too happy with it. (no pics of painting process but there was a lot of waiting, coats of primer and sanding involved.

Getting her undressed:

Marking up for the bars:

And on:

TAG metal fat bars, big and chunky!!

And here is the front all buttoned up


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Recap on mods so far:

V-stacks from Factory pro
K&N filter
Snorkel removed.

Zx10r rear shock
Dirt fat bars and risers
Mask light
Bestem undertail (for now)
Puig bellypan
Lightened sprocket cover

Trail tech vapor
Led front indicators
Pro grip metal grips.

Sorry for the shonky photos so far, best I could do at the time.

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Ok picture time!

Getting her stripped. Stock subframe (keeping it intact, using a 03 subframe to chop up)

Something's missing?!?!?

Cutting down the spare subframe

Welding it up. Not the best welds (being a begginer and all but it's on strong (did the stand on subframe test)

Test fit

Finished product

It's not 100% finished, though it's ride-able and near complete.

On the to-do list still:

GSXR front end and rear wheel

repaint body work (still haven't decided on colour/scheme)

Clear clutch cover still needs to be put on (waiting for next oil change)

So apart from the Gsxr parts there's little to do and man I'm glad it's finally all coming to shape.

Took it for a ride down to the shops and due to the lower center of gravity, whilst turning into a intersection I laid a nice black mark down on the ashphelt.. man this thing just gets better!
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