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Up for sale is a used pair of Oxtar SS Performance boots in size 43. They were used for about a season but I've switched to a pair of Supertechs for the added protection at the track. For comparison, I also wear a 43 in Alpinestars and between a 9.5 and 10 for street shoes.

I'm not sure if the Oxtar name is around anymore. I think they've switched to TCX now. They look most comporable to the TCX SS Performance boot, but they say T.C.S. on the shin plate near the Oxtar name. Here's a review of the near-identical TCX SS Performance boots:

Anyway, I had no complaints with these riding boots at all. They were comfortable to ride in for all-day trips and even walking around in them felt just fine. They zip from the ankle to almost the top and then have a heavy velcro flap on the upper half. I find I'm riding less and less on the street so these aren't being put to much use even though they have plenty of life left in 'em!

I've attached a few pics. There is a scuff on the left big toe but besides that, just normal wear. More pics upon request. Asking $120 plus shipping

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