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For most of my life I have never waxed my car because it was usually pointless (beaters).

But I want to take care of my SV the best I can, especially because it is stored outdoors. Currently the tank has a couple nicks in the paint and the tiny exposed metal has started to show rust. Is the best solution to sand the spots, get a paintpen to fill them in and then wax the bike? Wax suggestions?

I know the best solution is to get indoor storage, but has anyone storing their bikes outside had success in preventing rust on all surfaces? What methods do you use? I've noticed some rust on the exhaust header flange and part of the lower triple clamp. What is the best method to remove this rust and prevent the return?

I currently have a Dowco cover and I always try to store the bike dry. If it is raining I'll usually just keep the cover off until the rain stops and the bike dries.
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