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Orange/ulster Countyish

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I am extremely serious about finding some locals to ride with. All of my friends are into cars, and snowmobiles. So it kinda sucks if you know what I mean. If I'm lucky I run into other random riders, but its not the same. I know it isn't quite the best weather, and I myself haven't even been out riding. (Need new front tire, Oil change, No sand/salt to be on roads,warmer air) But It came to my attention there are quite a few of you who are very close, and seem to ride in the same area. I really want to do hawk's nest, or even 44/55 over the mountain by gardiner is fun. It is still a bit early but if anyone is riding solo once you bring your bike out let me know. Riding with a few or even 1 fellow sver would really make this riding season alot more interesting.
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a little gift from a NYS trooper, he thinks its hilarious when he sees it lol had to post it for a chuckle.

Kinda small image, but I'm sure you can make out "police interceptor" on the gas tank
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keep an eye on these forums, come spring there'll be lots of group rides. strom plans one pretty much every saturday morning. they're lots of fun and as far as i can see he knows every road the lower hudson valley... he's good and fast too.
good to hear! I am checking the boards whenever I can. And once its gets nicer out I will def. Be finding a date and time!
Bro I am down ANYTIME! I have barely anyone to ride with it would be a major plus to ride with another SV owner!

I am in Pougkeepsie I will be riding every weekend!
+1 for any ride Strom1 leads. Theres a pretty decent group of us just alittle south of you who ride together all the time.

I take the bike out from time to time, but its all based on the weather and kind of spur of the moment. Give it a month.
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