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i'm trying to plot out the mods on my bike and am trying to figure out what i want next. I'm curious what route you all took, if you went performance first aestehtics second or vice versa. I'm stoked about my undertail and want to keep going but not sure which direction.

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What to do next depends on you, are you an aggressive rider or not, do you appreciate looks more over perfomance? Most Importantly How much money do you have? Also what kind of bike do you have?


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I did cosmetic first (I count end-cans as cosmetic) then simultaneously did some power and handling mods and crashed 4 or 5 times. Now I'm going to do the asthetic mods again with uncracked parts :)

Is it quite a new bike to you? Personally I reckon that unless there's something that really bugs you about the handling, cosmetic is the place to start. Once you know the bike better you'll know exactly what you want to improve, but if handlign were an issue for you at this point you'd know what mods to do next, I reckon.

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Cosmetics/Suspension/Power mods have no rational order... it's all what's more important to you. I did suspension and cosmetics at the same time and now I'm doing power.

Custom tail
Custom headlight & brackets
SVS Clip-ons

Springs/Emulators/Damper rods/Oil
636 shock

03 Cams
BMC filter
Exhaust on the way

Bike was wrecked when I got it, it had 3,500 miles on it...


1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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