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One of the most hilarious sites I've run accross since Tucker Max

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I get facebook invites to join all sorts of causes / events / etc all the time. They typically come from the same people, and I ignore them. Today I got one from a friend of mine who ISN'T one of those people, he said it was hilarious so I figured I'd check out the facebook page in support of

The description on the page said:

"If you're an attractive woman with large, fake breasts I have probably had sex with you, and if I haven't trust me one day I will get around to it. If you are a muscle bound roid freak I have probably gotten drunk and picked on you; not because I cant hold my own in a fight against you, but because I think its funny to yell strange, slurred obscenities at the top of my lungs and watch your face while you wonder who the hell this crazy little lizard is. If you're a cop then you have probably heard my name, and maybe even arrested me. If you own a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley or any other exotic car there is a good chance that I sold it to you and an even better chance that I had sex in it before It was delivered to your front door. I say what I want, do what I feel, and and act in any way I please with no regard for anyone's feelings by my own."

At which point I decided I needed to visit the site...needless to say I got no work done today....oh well
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That was LOL funny! :laughing4:

Kudos to ASCS! :thumbsup:
Dude has some funny stories but I suspect they're about as true as Penthouse Forum letters.
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