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I got my new SV650S yesterday, a 2008 with ABS. When I went to pick it up, the salesman said it shipped without a battery (from another dealer), and he had only gotten the new battery to 80% charge. He told me he would let me have it right away if I had a tender and leads, which I did, but I told him I suspected the battery would charge on the 50 mile ride home. Surprisingly, he told me it would not, that the SV did not have an alternator, only a stator and did not charge. I told him that the battery would die after a few starts if that were true, and you would not be able to use accessories.
SO the first mod: I installed the tender leads on the battery and ran them to the rear seat so I could use a charger without unbolting the front seat again. Sure enough, the tender was indicating full charge in less than 5 minutes once connected.
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