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Oil queston...

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So i am addicted to riding, to me any time there is not ice or snow on the road i am going to ride. I have been having problems getting the sv to warm up. In 20 degree weather the instant the thermostat opens up the temp drops to 148 and then slowly raise up to 175 and down again. My cheap remedy for the problem was to place some cardboard in front of the radiator to solve the problem. It works well right at 198 the whole time i am riding. Now here is my question the bike is warmed up and it still gets that white gloss over the oil spy glass, how long does it take to burn that stuff off. Is there any treatments i can add? Would a lighter oil help? Can you buy a higher temp thermostat for the sv?

Thanks a bunch
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Due to the extreme temp. changes your engine goes through, its probably just goes with the territory. Change it more often.
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