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I found a 514 lb/in spring on ebay, ordered early last week from a guy in Albania ffs! & it arrived on sat.( DHL FTW !!) target spring rate is the next one down the list a 542 Lb/in.
I was able to pull the longer (190mm) lighter spring off using a cheap compressor (yes, it was a PITA, but it worked & I have all my fingernails!) and swap the shorter 170mm spring on cleanly.

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I am running a spring that is 30+-lb softer than " i need " based on Penske chart.
I am wondering about spring rate targeting based on rider weight only. esp when you are within 30-35lb of the target spring rate..?

What about rider skill / average speeds / Street or track use / rider aggression etc, do any of these factor in...?

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..given how many ppl. ride these for years with minor/no mods,....I am trying to understand how big an issue it is to run a slightly soft spring...? Is it a big deal or am I close enough that it'll work just fine,....?

I mean,..I'm building a custom properly equipped weekend carver/cruiser, not a racer.

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I am also losing weight each month & plan on dropping 30-35 Lbs+. which should put me down at a weight this spring rate should work perfectly for...

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I'm setting it up as described in the shock literature :
  • 13 clicks out on compression
  • 12 clicks out on rebound
  • 13mm of preload from snug/free spring
  • Shock length set to 338mm

I'll keep the ZX shock, pull the 543lb/in spring to check if it fits on the Ohlins.. .if so ill keep it for a while and see how the 514lb/in spring works if it seems like I need a heavier rate i'll have a spring ready to go.

OK!... ;-) It is dialed and ready to install some time this week.:cool:


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I ride a stock 2003 SV650S and was about to install an Ohlins shock (SU323) but based on all the info available all over the net I was (confused and) under the impression the spring my shock came with (01096-21/75) was too soft to use on the street. I weight 185 lbs without gear. Long story short, I emailed Ohlins to see if they had the recommended spring for me but to my surprise the spring I already have is designed for a rider between 176-220 pounds, so it fits me nicely. Now I'm looking forward to install the shock later this month. Consider contacting Ohlins USA through their website if in doubt about which spring to use.
2003 Copper SV650S
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