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I bought an Ohlins rear shock from a forum member a little while back. I've not played with the adjustment much since installing it but today I'd decided to adjust the rebound a little (I'd thought the ride was a little odd, but hadn't put much time into chasing it down yet). When I turned the adjuster, I found that there were no "clicks" to be heard upon turning it. It just spins freely.

The next thing that puzzled me was this little pin that sticks out of the rod just above the adjuster. The pin just pushes in and out and doesn't seem to do anything. The reason it puzzles me is that I don't remember noticing that pin when I installed the shock....but I could be wrong.

Could somebody with some familiarity with these shocks shed a little light on what might have happened to me here? Is this thing screwed?

The seller claimed it was a freshly rebuilt shock and sent paperwork along with it, so I hope that's not the case.
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