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Ode to SVRider - Build Discussion Thread

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Hi Guys & Gals,

Just posting up a discussion thread for my ongoing "Ode to SVRider - A Never Ending Tale of Mods"

Thanks for chiming-in, bashing, flaming, helping or blowing our collective minds with your input.

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Resurrecting this thread from the grave, but I noticed that you retained the stock 1st Gen gauges. How did you handle the speedo sensor?
If you are talking about the black naked SV with N gauges; a machined a bracket to hold a hall effect sensor was installed between the fender and the fork, and the OEM speedo sensor wiring was hacked and the wires matched up to provide the pulses to the gauge. This setup worked with 4 evenly spaced rare earth magnets placed in the rotor buttons on the GSXR rotors.

Problem solved. ;)
Awesome. Thanks for the reply. What was the process for designing the bracket? Did you just draw it out and take it to a machine shop? I've seen some pretty shoddy looking hall effect brackets around and I like your solution on the Naked the best.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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