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Hi everyone, thanks for dropping in for a look.

I bought my first SV a few years ago and slowly started to perform modifications to it after a year or so of ownership. I thought I`d stop tinkering at some point, but as most of you know, once you climb aboard the mod train... you can never seem to know exactly where to call your stop. ;)

I then got a steal of a deal on a second SV and decided to set one for the street/trackdays and the other for touring.

This is in some sense an ode to SVRider as most mods and tweaks to my bike have been in some way, inspired, assisted or previously documented by members on these forums.

A HUGE THANKS to any and everyone who contributed their time, knowledge or parts to further my SV addiction. :rock: We are very lucky to have such an active and dedicated international community, with knowledgeable experts willing to share their research and hard work for the benefit of the entire community. I have certainly learned a lot and am very grateful.

I`ll end my intro/rant with this missive to Gen 1 owners; "Keep the Gen 1 community alive! Keep posting and helping fellow Gen 1 riders to keep us from becoming a dying breed too soon!"

If any one has questions or comments feel free to post in my "Ode to SVRider - Build Discussion Thread".

I'll keep on updating this thread now and then with updates on my latest changes.

Now enjoy a few pics of my SV's evolution! (more to come soon, still need to upload more pics...)

Might as well start with a naked pic...

Ready for a fork swap


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The stripped down bike shown above will be used mostly for touring so I put on my tuned SVS forks with Traxxion Damper rods, Traxxion valves and Sonic Springs for 2 up riding.

Got around to switching the bulbs in my gauges cluster to LED, after realizing that the illumiglo kit I ordered was for an SV N model (kit sold to Bryceknez! ;)). LEDs work nicely and perk up the look of the stock gauges.

Don't worry... pics of my other street/track bike are coming!

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I got a package from Italy in the mail.... can you guess what's inside?

Yep you guessed it, Frank Stallone!...(nvm, old SNL joke).

I thought my street/track bike should have more show and more go this season. I plan on maintaining easy race conversion by changing the stay and fairings for track duty. This allows me to put on some unique bling on the front end for street use. Kinda uncommon this side of the Pond. See anything different below? Not UK, but Euro spec.

Euro spec lights use H1 Bulbs, so I wired them up to some new HIDs, and transfered my H4 Hi-low DDM HID kit from the stock headlights, to my touring bike. The reason I specify Euro spec over UK speck is because of the driving light cut off on the projector is made for right side driving (CDN & US compatible) and uses a bulit-in projector housing. UK has the same H4 headlight setup as stock US spec but for left side driving.

Maintenance must... replacing your OEM - SCR Type R/R with an aftermarket MOSFET RR unit,. As some of you already know, after a certain amount of use the stock ones take a dump, and leaves you in need of a push start. Dim or flickering lighting and the battery dying after a few uses are sometimes signs of RR faliure.

I had this one done by D'Ecosse by shipping him an 07/08 MOSFET Kawasaki ZX6R R/R, FH016, as I recall. Fits under the stock tail with one longer bolt on one side and a tie-wrap on the other (slightly wider unit than stock mount). Lots of info and more flattering pictures of his top notch work in the D'Ecosse RR mod thread. For my other SV, Eastern Beaver supplied me with the RR wiring kit and connectors which I used to wire up a new Kawasaki RR upgrade unit. (FH-008 wiring kits work on FH-016 units)

You might have sneeked a peak of my GSXR rear wheel swap in the pic above. Went to Zoran at TWF Racing and researched their 06+ GSXR wheel kit on their forum. Swapped the old tire with some Pirelli Diablo Rossos and then the kit went on smooth. Used a 47 tooth Renthal 525 GSXR rear sprocket with the dish on the gear facing the wheel.


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So, its been forever and a day since I've updated my build thread (actually, much more but who is counting).

Much to update.

Long story short, my race, street and touring SV650S builds started at the begining of this thread were put on a temporary hiatus some time ago for a very good reason....

I stripped and re-built another SV with one of my best buddies and newest riding pals, aka "Bilos".

It's Bilos' first bike and in the spirit of my build thread "Ode to SVRider", I thought I would post up a few pics from the build.

Suzy's Story
One day I found a contact selling his trackday bike and some spares for a good deal. So I mentioned it to Bilos and, to my surprise, he jumped on the offer. Sweet! So we drove down and picked up our latest purchases and brought them home.

Once back in town, the teardown began. We stripped "Suzy" down to the bare frame and got her ready for powder coating.

Fast forward a bunch of time and money later .....

Bilos opted for a satin black powdercoat and had his tank finished in a matte black vinyl wrap with gray accents. This would allow for the tank to be ready and look great during the riding season while offering an easy way to rip the whole thing off in the off season to refinish and finalize as needed.

After much blood, sweat and tears, the re-assembly and powdercoading was completed, and multiple little nags were worked out. Suzy was finally a street worthy machine!

Everyone, meet Bilos's new girlfriend, the one and only "Suzy".

Today Suzy is wearing:
Pilot 2CT shoes
GSXR Front-end swap 06-07
Custom JScott GSXR top triple
GSXR rear wheel conversion
Full Hindle Exhaust (fibreglass wrapped)
Penske rear shock
Stainless Galfer brake lines (Front)
Satin Black powedercoated metal
N Guages w/ EL glow gauges
Vortex rearsets
Vortex clip-ons
Mini brake fluid reservoir
Shorty turn signals w/custom CNC brackets in front
Frame sliders
90 degree air valves
12v custom built power distribution pack w/ relay

Post your comments and/or questions in the discussion thread (see link at the bottom of the post). Happy building everyone!


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Thanks to everyone at SVRider for making Suzy SV of the Month!

This build was quite the learning process and continues to this day. It would not have been possible without the wealth of knowledge on SVRider. I plan to share as much modding tips and tricks in this thread as possible. Questions are answered in the discussion thread.

Keep watching the thread for new updates and a "Cam Swap How to" video coming soon.

Here are a few more unreleased pictures of the build for fun. Thanks again and happy building!



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