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I got my 600 mile service done and as I rode away from the dealer, I heard an odd noise. VERY difficult to describe but I'll do my best. When I accelerate I hear a this noise that sounds almost like a whisper of an air compressor...OR it could be described as a dry leaf against the fan blade (told you it was hard to describe). At first I wondered if there was some sort of injector leak but I only hear the noise when the bike is accelerating. If I just rev the engine...sounds fine. If I am cruising...sounds fine until I give it any more throttle. Downshifting/engine braking is fine as well. The noise cant be heard in first and once I'm going over 45 the wind noise is too loud to hear it.

I rode it around for a while and noticed that the sound is more prevalent from the left side....definitely more noticeable when splitting lanes (since the sound is bouncing off the cars next to me). I took it back to the dealer and they had a couple different techs take the bike out check it. They also put the bike on the lift and start reving it, put it in gear, etc but we couldnt hear the sound then. The techs said they didnt hear anything abnormal on the test rides but I was welcome to bring it back it the noise continued and I felt it was an issue.

I've since put about 90 miles on the bike and the noise is not as noticeable as the first 10 miles I put on the bike once I left the dealer. Since my last bike was shaft drive...I was also wondering if a tight chain could be causing the noise? Any ideas?

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