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You need to determine if the battery is indeed going south or your charging system is at fault first. Eliminate the battery and then you can proceed if the battery or charging system isn't the culprit. Do you have multimeter? Do you have a bike battery charger? A fully charged battery should show 12.5-13VDC at rest. Once running, at 5Krpm the voltage should show 13-15.5VDC. The stator output at 5Krpm should be >70VAC. I will post the Suzuki manual page on testing the stator output and the R/R diodes. The battery must be fully charged to run tests. To determine if the battery is holding a charge under load you can meter the battery voltage while hitting the start button. The voltage shouldn't drop much below 11V.

If the battery is bad or marginal, it won't provide a good enough spark for the motor to idle or run properly.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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