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The short version: NJ Motorcycle Registration Fees are going up 650%. They're also continuing to charge $5 but cancelling the MSF course. Mail a letter to protest; MVC does not accept email comments.


Deadline: April 18, 2009.

And while you're at it, send a copy of the letter to your local Legislators too!

Under this proposal, title certificates for cars, trucks, and boats would climb from $20 to $60, a 300% increase; the cost of a Commercial Driver’s License will increase a whopping 350% from $35.00 to $125.00. And, the cost for a motorcycle registration would jump from $10 to $65 annually, a staggering 650% increase! And, it could even go as high as $86.50 per year! ABATE of the Garden State feels this is outrageous and an abuse of power. We are already being taxed to death by Trenton and this only adds insult to injury.

By New Jersey law, this proposal must go through a period of not less than 30 days in which the public is invited to send in their comments. The period for public comment is quickly approaching the deadline, which is why we are sending this urgent call to action.

To make it as easy as possible for you to mail in your comments, we have written four different letters from which you can choose. Please read the letters and decide which one most reflects your feelings on the subject and are most comfortable with sending. The letters differ in tone and level of indignation.

Please go HERE ( to read and download these letters. After choosing one to print, please sign and fill in your address at the bottom. Then mail it to Steven Robertson at the address shown at the top of the letter. The MVC will only accept written comments received by mail. (

NOTE: Letters must be received by the MVC no later than April 18, 2009, so you must act quickly.

To increase the impact of your letter, after signing it, please make three copies and mail one to your Senator and the other two to your Assemblymen’s Offices. Our Legislators need to know how we feel too. They can and will bring pressure to bear on the MVC also.

To find out who your Legislators are and get their contact information, call the Legislative Information Office at 1-800-792-8630 (Toll Free in NJ) or use the ABATE “Legislative” tab.

Click HERE ( to find your Legislative District then...

Click HERE ( to find your local Legislator. You should send a copy to each one.

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