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Hi Ladies and Gents

My name is Rad and I'm one of the new people with a problem seeking expert tips and advice, but that in the technical posts maybe a bit about me:

I'm 27, started riding around 2 years ago because I was always a bit insecure with riding on an engine with no air-bag. I was afraid that ill buy this great new bike and just randomly drop it while stationary and feel like a fool. Then two of my friends from high school bought bikes and as we were doing everything together back in the day I thought if they can so can I. First bike I got was a 1997 RF600 and it was a bargain... sort of :) It had 11 owners and I had to put parts worth 3x more than I actually bought the bike for to get it on the road but I learned a lot while putting it together especially that you unscrew a bolt to the left :D Now for the past 3 weeks I am a proud owner of a 03 SV1000s because I always wanted one since I heard the Vtwin and seen the led lights. Ill finish up with a saying my uncle told me when he heard I'm buying a bike: (sorry for the cussing but I cant edit a quote)

"If you want to ****, **** a princess, ride a Suzuki"

and he knows what he is talking about he has a GT750 '74 with over 300k miles on it and still runs and never seen a mechanic except for him.
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