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Newbie In Los Angeles

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Hey guys. I've been scouring the web (and this site a lot) researching and researching (literally for years) and I'm just about ready to go and buy my first bike. Now I know where most of you will come from, half the riders in existence will say "ZOMG GET A 250" and the other half will say "have a good head on your shoulders, and take a training course. Be smart about it." I am MORE than aware that the sv puts out a decent chunk of power for a starter bike. A good friend from home (who's dad is the head of a BMW motorcycle riding association, and has been riding for a long time) started on a Kawi 650r, and when I started looking at bikes - we had the talk. O you know the talk, don't act like you don't. Anyway, after talking to me (and knowing how I behave with cars and things in general - I tend to over-analyze and research :p ) he said that the SV would be a good start. His actual first response was "hey man, the fact that you don't start off wanting some supersport 1000cc beast is a good sign that you're not brain dead."

So let's do ourselves a favor and spare the "get a 250 ninja first" talk. (cept for you there, yea you, the sarcastic one, feel free to joke ;-) ).

Anyway, I have finals at the end of Feb. beginning of March, and after that I'll be taking the Motorcycle Foundations Course. Or whatever you call it - the one in California that allows you to bypass the actual street test at the DMV.

A little about me, I'm originally from the New England area, and I now go to law school in LA. I drive a Subaru Legacy (08 gt 5 speed if you're curious). I've also been reading about cars and such for as long as I can remember, so I consider myself quite knowledgeable for a newb (tho I don't know all that much about motorcycles, first hand anyway).

So yea, name's X, you guys can call me Wayward if you like - whichever suits your whims. Advice is always welcome, I've been on the board as a reader for over a year, and I respect a lot of you folks, so I know this is a friendly community. ;D I'm really excited to finally join up.

Nice to meet ya guys!

o... and ASC&p=10&submit=Search

That's the one I'm looking at right now.

Lemme know what you think - PEACE!
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Welcome aboard X.
You made a good choice with the SV. Not because I have one, but because you don't need 1L bike to have fun. In fact just to pay the insurance on such a large bike would take the fun out.

Getting a 250 would be nice (I wouldnt).
Considering you know how to ride a bicycle, the SV will do you just fine.
Be safe, ride long, have fun!
This will be your first bike.

The SV will run forever compared to the Duc.
Whatever you get, post us some pics.
I say take the MSF first then jump on it.
Make sure the friend is M1'd.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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