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Newbie from Michigan

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Hey whats up, I own a 2001 SV650, cafe style. I bought it from a woman with 27,000 miles on it. The bike is in great condition and runs like new. I've only ridden it 1,000 miles in the fall, then winter set in and now it is currently in the garage in storage :( I live in the central area of the lower peninsula of Michigan where the weather is crazy cold right now. I'm currently working on switching out a few parts before spring and am very excited to get it out and get back on the roads. This Suzuki isn't my first bike. My first bike was a 1995 Triumph Speed III. Bought it with 2,000 miles... turns out 1,990 miles were most likely track ridden. This bike was huge. I could barely stand flat footed while aboard and I'm 6'1"! It was not a beginner bike but I learned how to ride on that and a Sportster 1200 so I can probably ride anything now lol. Well, that's most of my history, any questions just ask.
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hey welcome to the site, i'm in the michigan area as well. Grand Rapids... although I'm on here researching bikes and hopefully going to be buying one this march/april.
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