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Newbie from Michigan

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Just bought my SV last week, being delivered tomorrow at 2pm.

It's a 2002 SV650S I bought from Honda East in Toledo, OH. Got it for $3500 out the door.

Bike already has some mods on it, M4 exhaust, LED undertail, and Race-Tech Suspension emulators in the front forks.

Bike sounds absolutely amazing when I fired it up at the dealer.

She's gonna go in storage til April when the weather finally breaks here in Michigan.

First bike, I think I picked a good one. Feels very comfortable as far as riding position goes, not too leaned out like a 'Busa or similar high-powered sportbike.

First thing I plan on doing with it is throwin it on the dyno at school. I go to school at Washtenaw CC in Ann Arbor, MI for motorcycle service, and we have a full dyno available for students to use at no charge to us. See what the graph looks like, put the sniffer on the exhaust, check the air/fuel ratios, tune as needed with a jet kit and whatever may be needed.

Gonna be fun!!
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Welcome to SVR!

Throw some pics up when you get a chance!
Sounds nice! Definitely get some pictures up when you get a chance.
I'll get some pics tomorrow when my it's delivered. I'm also gonna try to get a vid of it, if for nothing more, the sound of the beast.
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