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just wanted to make a quick little intro. while im new to the SV scene (just purchased an 05 sv650n) im not new to motorcycles. this is actually my 13th bike in my 10 or so years riding. ive owned big twin cruisers, inline-4s, single thumpers, parallel twins, both street and dirt and also an enduro. a few years back i was working as a tech for a local car dealer here in south jersey and was laid off. i went to work for a friend at his bike shop as a fabricator. i trained for a while and picked up a lot of useful information. i went on to build 3 of my own bikes (yamaha xs650s) from there. 2 of which were basically from scratch aside from a motor. i recently sold off all the bikes in my stable except for my honda xl600 motard and began my search for an sv. i knew i wanted something more standard and the naked model was the top of my list. i wound up scoring an 05 650n that was a few hours away. it has a gsxr 750 front end already swapped which was a huge selling point for me. many other mods as well. ive owned and ridden her now for about 4 weeks and i get that ear to ear grin every time i hop on. through my research and what ive experienced already, this is a great bike and i plan to keep her for quite some time.:D
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