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Greetings to all.

Nice to find a place to help me in my new addiction.

I am sure you all shall be the perfect support group companions.

Got my license a year ago. Have been out some during last summer riding on rentals. Took my time shopping this winter. Made lots of use of a long time rider to bounce ideas on bikes off. Kept getting my head smacked every time I would send him some great deal on a S4S or 1098 or R1.. but hey .. thats what friends are for.

Seemed to have started out on this addiction with the right set of tools. My own helmet, leather gloves and leather jacket for the MSF. then took the time to ride a few bikes. Sat on lots of others. Again lots of beatings from friends that my eyes were going to get me killed and needed to get what I can handle. Finally got the thumbs up when I suggested a very used, well priced, SV650. Have been out twice now on it. Why twice? Well I got the bike the middle of Feb 09 and I live in MA. Yes there still is snow on the ground. Yet there has been just enough breaks in the weather to let me get the bike inspected and back home.

Thank you all.

I look eagerly to all your support. I take the good, the bad and leave the ugly to find their own duckling way home.

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