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Best thing is do a has the best info..or read below on the fender job

-Remove the rear seat and front seat. To remove the front seat, you have to remove the side vent trim pieces that are secured with one allen bolt. Once those are removed, then you can access the allen bolts that secure the front seat to the frame. Remove those.
-Now you will see your battery. Disconnect it for safety reasons. Reach back into you glovebox and disconnect the brake light, turn signals, and license plate light connectors.
-There are 2 Phillips screws at the front of the front seat area. Remove those. There are two more Phiilips screws at the front of the rear seat. Remove those. These screws should be torqued on pretty good, so it will require some good ole fashioned muscle to break these loose.
-One more Phillips screw located in the area between the front and rear seat plastic and the top near one of the plastic rivits. Remove that. Two more Phillips screws secure the locking mechanicals to the frame, simply unscrew those and the lock will pop off. A small allen bolt holds the cable line in place, so remove that.
-That's all the bolts/screws that connect the tail to the frame. Now look under the tail and you will see 4 plastic rivits lining the outter side of the tail- 2 on each side. Using a small allen key, push the center of the rivits in and they will pop out. Pop out the rivit on the plastic area in-between the two seats, same where the small Phillips screw was.
-Unbolt the grab bar. Again, these bolts will be torqued tightly, so use some muscle on them. Save the socket as it is the same size for the other bolts you need to remove.
-The tail should be loose now and simply slide off the frame. To remove the undertray part, there are 4 bolts- 2 on each side- of the tray. To remove the rear shovel; there are 4 bolts located up against the plastic and against the frame making them hard to get to. They are the same size as the bolts used on the undertray.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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