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Hey folks,

New member in Texas. '06 sv650(N) bought reasonably cheap after at least two falls with the previous owner.

Already had it out for two track days:

And it's a blast. I've done track days and autocross in cars, both great but passing rules are much more lenient on bikes - adds a little excitement / terror!

I already decided on the first few 'mods' - woodcraft clipons and rear set risers. And, I'm sure I'll be posting plenty in the workshop/ modification sections. But, to start out, do some folks find red Loctite on the bolts that hold the footrest to the frame? I stripped the Allen heads on both right side bolts already. I may drill the heads off, I have a small welder but no luck getting a strong enough weld on another nut so far... Do I have to heat the bolts to cherry-red or something to break loose the Loctite? I'm a little worried they will expand enough to crack the frame.

As some may have guessed, I'm a bit paranoid bout this kind of thing. The tq specs I found for those bolts floating around the web are 17.6 ft-lbs, I just can't see red Loctite making sense. I ordered OEM replacements through bike bandit and they already have something blue on em, but blue Loctite should break easy.

Anyway look forward to ideas, and hopefully will share some of my own lessons as I tinker with this thing. Great light little bikes, these...
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