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New to SV in Baltimore...

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Im Brian... Im big into cars and motorcycles. Ive had a 92 Katana as my first bike, than an 06 Ninja 636, and just recently a 91 CBR600 F2. I just bought an 08 SV650 that was wrecked and needs some parts. I also own a 1975 RD350 and a 1981 SR500.

hopefully i can use the forum to put her back together and get some info on upgrades.

first off id like to get it back to beautiful condition...

So i need:
tail fairing
a HL fairing would be nice also.

here she is...

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Welcome to the site. The bike doesn't look to bad. Patience will get it back to where it needs to be, plus you'll save some money by looking around for parts. Good luck.
thanks! do you or anyone else know what the color is called for this bike?
Blue. ;D

Sorry, I can be a smartass at times, but rarely am I helpful.
Hi Brian W., Welcome to SVR.

Have fun and ride safe!
Welcome. Bike looks pretty tits for being wrecked.

Are you by chance MA Motorsports Brian W.?
Welcome. Bike looks pretty tits for being wrecked.

Are you by chance MA Motorsports Brian W.?

yes i am MA-Motorsports Brian!

who is this?
Cool. Recognized the screen name and made sense with your location.

Just an old 240 owner. I think we may have talked before and I might have bought something from you guys a few years ago but I can't remember. I'm in the process of parting out my s13 coupe to finish up school. :/
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Cool, nice bike. About the color, if is stock it should be Suzuki YKZ Candy Indy Blue.
sweet S13!

thanks for the welcome guys.

Thanks Marcos, the color should be stock. I might have to buy paint some day for it so i was curious what to call it.

Carluch is ALL OVER the internet! haha.
Sure no problem. By the way, the easiest place I found to score factory color paint was ColorRite. Quick google search will bring it up for you. FYI it can be quite pricey. 2 cans of aerosol paint for my bike cost me 100 bucks.
Anyone with an RD and an SR is welcome here!

Oh, and SV havers are welcome too.
cool toys. welcome.
Welcome to SVR
Welcome... though I'm new as well. I'm in the Bmore area as well. You should bring your SV out to Summit!
Have you been riding it? I think I may have seen you in Towson. Once it warms up a little bit maybe we can get a local group together for a ride
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