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New to forum, hopefully have a sv650 soon!

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Hey guys,

Love the forum you got here. I currently ride a 2000 Ninja 250, its was my first bike and its a lot of fun. Im in the process of possibly selling the 250 and moving up to an SV (although im looking at the ninja 650r as well). I haven't made my mind up on which i would want... need to sit on both of em i guess.

Just so you guys know Im from Tennessee, a small town near chattanooga.

Glad to be here.. hopefully ill have one soon.
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My roomie has a 650R and he was in the exact same predicament!

I'm going the SV route, and my room mate wishes he had as well. I'm fairly unbiased, because I'm relatively new to the SV world - and I am going to tell you go get an SV. It's probably not a similar case in the states, but where we live here in BC, every part for the 650R took forever to get...even a chain and sprockets took 3 weeks!!! There are a lot more SV's on the road so you'll find a lot more stuff for least in my experience. He has owned his 650R since new 2 seasons now, and has been stuck in the shop well over a few months all together just because of unavailable parts...

That being said it's still a v-twin and is capable of putting smiles to your face as needed...However if my head were an 8-ball, and you were to shake it, it would most definitely say, "SV".

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