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Hey Everybody!

I've been operating behind the scenes gathering parts for a while, so I thought I'd pop on and introduce myself. I recently picked up my 1st gen SV from a buddy that didn't want his track bike anymore. To make a long story short, the bike was only used a handful of times (6) before it was crashed and his S.O. put the kabosh on any more track dreams.

It's been a bit of a project to get this bike back on the street, but hopefully I'll be done soon.

A HUGE thanks to forums members for the great carb cleaning and other tips. This bike sat for a year, so it had some nasty gas goo in there.

The starting point and what I have up and running...
2000 SV650 (naked) 1,200 miles (The low mileage is almost a shame, but it was owned by another friend's wife before my buddy bought it for the track. She almost never rode it).
Penske rear shock
Vortex rearsets
Steel brake lines
Frame sliders
M4 high-pipe and headers (The headers block the oil drain plug GRRR!)
Race springs and 20wt fluid up front (Awesome shock rebuild tips from you guys & gals)

The new stuff I've added...
Front forks and lower triple (bent in the crash, but the internal race spring were in great shape so I used those with some 20wt)
Tail plastics and light. Thanks 99sv650!
Tank (crashed out)
Coolant overflow bottle (he had a "racetastic" Gatorade bottle on there)
Kickstand (LOL)
Front fender (crashed out!) Thanks Nudist!
Speedo pick-up Thanks Nudist!

Help! The still needed stuff...
Stock Gen 1 naked headlight (I have the mounts shoot me a PM if you have one)

The stuff that needs to go!
Vortex clip-ons (no handle bars, just the fork clips 41mm)
3 Brand new Michelin Pilot race rear tires
SV650 1st gen Scott's steering damper mount kit

Once it's all done I'll post some pics of the rehab. Thanks for all your help!

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Ok! Finally some pics as promised.

Found her in a friend's garage, crashed out and neglected after a very short race career. She had been sitting for over a year. Cool thing was she already had race springs in the front for a rider my weight, and a Penske shock on the rear, and a full M4 exhaust.

Forks and bottom triple were done and she was in need of lots of small stuff previously removed in race trim (radiator reservoir, radiator fan, horn, gauge backings, tail plastics, rear cowl, etc, etc). Reused the front springs and installed new forks from eBay.

Carbs were super nasty and took a couple of weeks to get sorted out.

And now, thanks to a ton of help from SVRider she's back together and in fantastic running shape. Paint and install of my spare tank are next

I'll have some race goodies up for sale soon. Vortex Clip-ons, Tire Warmers, three brand new DOT race rears, etc.

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Thought I'd post a few more pics now that the paint is finished.

The color is "Cyber Gray Metallic". It's a new GM color used on the Camaro.

Sorry the pics are fuzzy, I didn't notice the big smear on the camera lens.

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